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2023 Workshop and Demonstration Schedule


Demonstrator at Winterfest V

Arizona Artist Blacksmith Association

January 19-21 | Brandi Fenton Memorial Park | Tucson, AZ



Jan 22-23 or Jan 24-25 | Desert Metal Craft | Tuscon, AZ

These 2-day workshops will show you how to make your own hand-forged spoons and spatulas! We will cover the basics of forging to make your own steel and brass utensils. This workshop will encourage students to explore various decorative techniques and designs to make their own unique and functional hand-forged objects. This class is great for those new to blacksmithing or for people with some prior forging experience who want to build their skills.


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Anna Koplik_Tong selection_steel_2017-2020.jpg

Tongs, T-tongs, Tongs

April 9-15 | John C. Campbell Folk School | Brasstown, NC

Forge your own blacksmith tongs-a fundamental tool and valuable skill for any smith to have. Throughout the week we'll go over the geometry and forging techniques needed to create multiple styles of tongs, and students will walk away with a set of tongs that suits their forging needs. Intermediate students welcome.


Hammers and Tongs: The Basics of Toolmaking

June 19-23 | Touchstone Center for Crafts | Farmington, PA

Learn the art of toolmaking and boost your skills and self-sufficiency as a blacksmith! In this workshop, you will be guided through making many fundamental tools of the trade. We will cover everything from tong forging and fit up to hammer making and handling. Leave with your own hand forged tools and the skills to make more on your own. Expect lots of heavy physical work, long days in the shop, and bad puns.


Anna Koplik_Hammer selection_Tool steel, bronze, wood_2018-2020.jpg

Hammer Time

August  25-29 | Peters Valley School of Craft | Layton, NJ

In this intensive 5-day workshop participants will be guided through making multiple sizes and styles of blacksmith forging hammers. We will cover forging different types of hammers, grinding and heat treating, and the shaping and fit up of your own hammer handles. Come make your own custom hammers that you can use for a lifetime! Expect lots of striking with sledgehammers, long days in the shop, and bad puns.


Beginning Blacksmithing

Oct 14-15 | Peters Valley School of Craft | Layton, NJ

Come learn how to swing a hammer at the anvil and forge hot steel! Throughout the class you will learn many of the basic processes in blacksmithing, like tapering, twisting, bending, and punching. Everyone will walk away with their own hand forged objects and the skills and knowledge to continue exploring blacksmithing.


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